The Captivating Meaning of the Irish Claddagh Ring

Claddagh rings are fede rings and have a long history dating back to Roman times. The name “fede” derives from the Italian phrase mani in fede meaning loosely “hands joined in faith” or “hands joined in loyalty”. The clasped hands were viewed as a promise ring used as an engagement ring or wedding ring in medieval and Renaissance Europe. The Irish Claddagh version of the fede ring has roots deeply seeded in long-standing Irish tradition. Claddaghs are world-renowned and are worn by both men and women, single or taken. The Irish Claddagh ring was named for the ancient fishing village of Claddagh, near Galway, Ireland, dating back to the 17th century.

Claddagh Ring

The Story of the Claddagh

As the Irish legends go, Richard Joyce, of Galway, was seized by Algerian pirates and sold into slavery to a Moorish goldsmith. The Moorish goldsmith made Joyce a goldsmith apprentice. In the late 17th …