Goa Wildlife – The Enchanting Feature of Your Goa Tour

Goa, the land of surprises, is visited for the perfect blend of sun, sea, sand, surf and sea food. But there are some other factors also, which add some more harm to the divine beauty of this small state. Goa is, undoubtedly, gifted with incredible natural beauty. And in order to protect the same from the forces of modernization, the state has set aside four wild-life sanctuaries (including one bird sanctuary) nestled in the wooded areas. The entire area is covered by the lofty Western Ghats mountains, which are endowed with a lush green canopy and serve as a haven for exotic species of flora and fauna.

Geographically, almost one-third of Goa is covered with forests. Goa wildlife sanctuaries together cover an area of 755 square km, or around 60 percent of forest area and 20 percent of the geographical area of the state. The four wildlife sanctuaries in Goa are:

* Bhagvan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary
* Bondla Forest
* Catigao Wildlife Sanctuary
* Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

As per the studies, Goa wildlife is blessed with over 1512 documented species of plants, over 275 species of birds, about 48 species of animals and over 60 species of reptiles. While enjoying the wildlife tours in Goa or the Jungle Safaris in Goa, you can spot a number of mammals like deer, ox, wild boar, bear, hyena, panther, wild cat, sloth, monkey, Indian elephant, squirrel, bat and dolphin.

Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is famous all over the world. It is simply a paradise for bird lovers and ornithologists. You can spot a number of local/migratory birds here, including cormorant, coot, openbill stork, kingfisher, drongo, bulbul and weaver bird, besides dove, parrot, vulture, kite, quail and hoopoe. Out of the 60 species of reptiles in Goa, there are 23 species of snakes.

Goa wildlife sanctuaries offer various tours for tourists to wander the forest areas for a nominal charge. In short, Goa is not about the beaches and the churches only. There is a lot more to explore. The state flourishes in a rich collection of flora and fauna and has an assortment of rare and varied species of animals and plants thriving in the Western Ghats.

Goa Wildlife Sanctuaries are truly an amazing feature of Goa Tourism. Wish to have a break from the monotonous hectic and busy life? Plan a Goa Tour with family or friends, and explore the enchanting Goa Wildlife.

Great Oahu Activities For The Families And Couples

If you are planning a visit to the island of Oahu, then you are probably looking for great Oahu activities. Even those individuals who are heading to the islands to relax should consider participating in a few of Oahu’s best activities to make the trip memorable. Plan a little or a lot depending on your vacationing style. If you’re vacationing with children, plan a wide variety of family friendly activities. We’ll show you how.

Some of the best activities on Oahu include taking part in the islands fantastic surfing waters. If you are new to the sport, consider taking part in beginning surf lessons from a local expert. You’ll never forget your experience surfing in Oahu! If you have children, you should consider renting or purchasing body boards for easy surfing fun. Or try out some other great Oahu activities on the water such as jet skiing or boat tours.

Speaking of tours, some of the great Oahu activities include seeing the island via a guided tour. Choose from airplane and helicopter tours, hiking and eco-tours, and horseback and historical tours. You might choose to see hidden waterfalls or check out the islands ancient historical sites. Or take a day trip on a hummer or ATV to see the island up close and personal.

Perhaps you are looking for great Oahu activities for families. The island is a wonderful place for children, with lots of adventure and learning opportunities. Take your family to an authentic Hawaiian luau for an experience no one will ever forget. Or check out the marine life in the area. Depending on the season, you might have the opportunity to see whales, dolphins or sea turtles. Or get the family underwater with a snorkeling adventure of a lifetime.

If you are looking for great Oahu activities that are more romantic, you might consider sunset cruises. With a wide variety of cruises available, you should be able to find one that is perfect for you and your special someone. Take an elegant cruise aboard a grand ship with an extravagant buffet and world-class entertainment. Or rent a private boat for a cruise that is tailored just for you. Whether you’re honeymooners or life-long lovers, this is the perfect way to enjoy the romance of Hawaii.

MBA Tours – Easy to Select

China package tours are among the best known packages for spending any vacation trip at a reasonable cost. Most of the people prefer visits to the places of China and many educational institutes that provide MBAs, also provides MBA tours to the students in China. The tour can be escorted by your own personal guide and personal driver, or with a group of visitors with a common guide between many and with a tour bus and driver. For having a worry free package tour in China one should go through net surfing and should select the best affordable and reasonable China package tour for enjoying the stay at the place with full facility.

MBA tours are provided to the students with a purpose of gaining practical knowledge and also to have a little bit of fun with studies. This tour is provided by all big college.The tour can be national or international. Many colleges provide the tour in China to enhance the students with the wide culture of the country and their systematic working. The colleges often make a reasonable and affordable deal with the touring companies that provides China package tour and has good sources in the country in case any problem arises during the touring.

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MBA tours are also provided by touring companies like Thomas Cook to facilitate the colleges with the touring with affordable and reasonable prices. They assure that students gain the practical knowledge for which they are touring for, in a best way and also ensure that they enjoy the visit in every sense and make them visit the historical and famous places of China. The companies are always ken to give its best in the touring to assure long term relations with its clients, it also provides minimum costing package to the people to fulfill their dream of International in the cost they can afford.

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