Guided Holiday – 5 Unusual Ones to Consider

Having a guided trekking holiday doesn’t have to mean missing out on adventure – quite the opposite, having a guide can in fact mean you get the best of both worlds. The guide can lead you straight to the adventure without all the inconveniences, and can also be there to help out if the adventure becomes too much!

1. Surfing Holidays

Never surfed before? Don’t know where to go? No problem. That’s what surfing guides are there for. They’ll take you where the waves are, arrange for lessons, arrange accommodation and just generally take all the hassle out of a surfing trek or surfing safari.

I get the sneaking feeling these surfing guides enjoy their jobs too, can’t think why.

2. Antarctica

“Cold” is what most people think when Antarctica is mentioned. “Cool” is how some of the Antarctica tour companies want you to think, seeking to portray it as the ultimate in fashionable destinations. I’ll admit I can see a certain coolness factor in telling your friends you’ve just spent a couple of weeks in the freezer down south.

What is beyond doubt is that Antarctica is a spectacular wilderness that few people get to see. To go would give you memories and stories for a lifetime. There are a lot of different guided options available and it’s probably best to have a guide if you’re going to trek around. Is this a wilderness you want to be alone in?

3. Mt Everest

On May 10 1986 8 people died in a single day on Mount Everest. Several of them had limited climbing experience but were there as part of a guided ascent. Journalist John Krakauer was part of the guided group and subsequently wrote a bestselling account of the tragedy.

Like many my assumption was that the harrowing tale would mean no further guided climbs of Everest. How wrong I was. The publicity resulted in a huge increase of demand for guided climbs of the worlds tallest Mountain, and there are now several such guided ascents each year.

So if you’ve always had a hankering to stand on top of the world on your guided trekking holiday, you may be able to.

4. Canoeing in Canada

Trekking while sitting down – could there be anything better? Try a canoeing trip! Admittedly after paddling all day your arms could feel like they are about to drop off, but I for one am seduced by the idea of spending days in the Canadian wilderness paddling down a river. Fresh air, mountains, freshly caught fish.

To organize a trip like this yourself would take a better doing, so the best idea is to get a guide to take you.

5. Camel trekking

Trekking while sitting down again, but not so comfortably this time. As the old saying goes a camel may well be a horse designed by a committee, but there is something unique and even romantic about traveling through the desert on a camel.

Available in such countries as Morocco, Dubai and Egypt, a guided camel trek can provide the most authentic and fun way to explore the shifting sands.