World of Warcraft Leveling Guide – Ultimate Guide – WoW PvP

Playing WoW Has Never Been This Easy…

Hello everyone! I have been playing WoW for quite some time now but I have never really reached that far into the game. That changed though since I bought Zygor’s guide, it has done its job superbly!

The in game add-on helped a ton saving me from having to alt-tab every time and the guiding arrow is of great help as well!

Another thing I liked was the way the guide would skip over sections of itself if I would have leveled faster than expected, and the guide won’t even tell you to bother with those junk quests. Plus it sends you out on about 10-15 quests at the same time which you can complete all in the exact area on the exact mobs!

Before Zygor, I have used many guides without great success and then I found Zygor. I have tried Brian Kopp’s guide, BK’s Guide, IDemise’s Guide, other market Guides, and the free tour guide. Nothing came close to the leveling speed and functionality of Zygor’s Guide.

Here is a short presentation of the guide:

1. Easy download.
2. Continually supported.
3. Quickly gets new versions in parallel with the game.
4. Never leveled so fast – have done 60, 70, and 80s with Zygor in less than 10 days! Casually now I am doing a ‘toon to 80 in under 8 game days.
5. It is simple to use, minimized frame is great.
6. Content to the point and the progress tracking are just working really well.
7. The new version and the enhanced ability to change/modify skin and frame, font, viewing panels, etc. BRILLIANT!
8. Forums, Developer feedback, and general community AWESOME! and really adds to the support.

And the list could go on!

Here is my first experience with Zygor’s Guide:

I made 80 on my first serious Horde toon in 9 days and 18 hours. Why did I find this impressive?

1) I did a ton of instances. (I burned out on questing every now and then.)
2) I PVPed a lot. (Same reason.)
3) I leveled Herbalism as I went. (I hate backtracking to level primary professions.)
4) I gathered enough herbs to keep Inscription up to speed (Same reason.)
5) I sat around a lot talking in /g.
6) I would start surfing the internet with WoW open without /camp-ing.
7) I would AFK for 5-10 minutes at a time without /camp-ing.