Make Your Holiday Complete With a Great Ocean Road Tour

No coastal drive in the world can compare with the beauty and splendor of Melbourne’s Great Ocean Road. The drive is incredible not only for its spectacular landscape but for its breathtaking diversity. From rocky cliffs to roaring surf to the serenity of the rain forest, there is so much to see and explore. The very best way to take it all in is through the Great Ocean Road Tour. Bus tours along this glorious coast ensure that you get to experience all that this treasure of Victoria provides. From families to backpackers, Great Ocean Road Tours are the perfect way to take in all the splendor and contrast the coast has to offer.

Your holiday excursion with a Great Ocean Road Tour will begin early since there is so much to see and do. Throughout your sightseeing experience you’ll wind alongside some of Australia’s most beautiful beaches. As you work you way along the coast you’ll see fabled surf beaches, limestone towers, and have the chance to visit with koalas and get up close and personal with colorful birds. While there are plenty of stops along the way, the pace is relaxing and you’ll have plenty of time to take it all in.

Your Great Ocean Road Tour will take to famous Bells Beach, a favorite of world class surfers. You’ll visit Port Campbell National Park. Here you’ll see the famous 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, and London Bridge. These natural wonders are not to be missed. You can even choose to break from your Melbourne tour and enjoy a helicopter ride to see Port Campbell from above. As your day moves along you’ll visit Otways rainforest and be able to take a leisurely stroll among the giant hardwood trees and fragrant eucalyptus trees. You’ll be able to spend some time with the locals when you stop for lunch in quaint Apollo Bay.

The best Great Ocean Road Tours use small buses so that you can navigate areas where larger charters used by many day tours just can’t go. The small group size ensures that you get the chance to take advantage of the knowledge of the tour guide. As you work your way along you’ll have plenty of opportunity to take photos for your holiday album. You can capture snapshots of white sandy beaches, mind boggling surf, and breathtaking cliffs. You will certainly want to make sure that you have plenty of documentation of this unique travel experience. But this is much more than just a quick stop here and there for snapshots. You’ll have plenty of time to explore each and every highlight along the way.

Of course as you reflect back on your Great Ocean Road Tour you’ll have your favorite spot. But regardless of whether the Twelve Apostles, the crashing waves, or the adorable koalas made the strongest impression you’ll know that this is a guided tour that you’ll never forget. At the end of your long day you’ll be tired but happy. Your vacation in Melbourne is complete. You’ve gotten the full experience of the Great Ocean Road.

Surf Travel to South Africa

Arriving in Cape Town is more than whelming, the first thing you notice is the warmth and friendly attitude to you surfers. This country has been through so much for the past 30 years and it has always been my dream to set foot on its land to surf the glorious waves that caress its beaches every day. South Africa is blessed with some of the best and most consistent surfing the world has to offer. Pair this with a mild climate and you have a surfing paradise. During the winter in South Africa, the coastline is supplied with almost endless winds and offshore winds due to the constant flow of cold front activity in the southern Atlantic. So as a surfer arriving from Oregon it rains to find amazing warmth and surfing is a dream come true.

My tour involved sessions at many of South Africa’s main surfing spots which included Jeffrey Bay, Seal Point, Victoria Bay, Bruce’s Beauties and many other places that “crank” in the winter. Dylan gathered me after arriving and we all packed up to go along the beach. South African surfers are always so passionate and extraordinary and Dylan did not accept the rules and assured me that he had thorough knowledge of surfing in the area and that he was our tour guide. Furthermore, he practically guaranteed me that I would get to the right places when they were in their best condition, he just failed to tell me that he had set the waves too.

When we arrived at the inn on the outskirts of the city, I was welcomed by other surfers on the tour who arrived one or two days earlier. Dylan whispered in my ear and ensured me with a passionate smile that the tour remained private and limiting the number of people on each tour guaranteed us all a good time. Like all South Africans, he is proud of the countries that surf and then cannot resist telling me again for the fifth time that he will make sure I surf as many African barrels as possible. Umm … I slept with that thought. My second day began with Dylan taking a tour somewhere in Muzuimbrug, the ideal place he convinced me to get to know African Waves. ‘Muzies’ as they are known, are famous for the rolling and very consistent A-Frame waves and endless stretch of coastline. While Dylan provided surfing lessons for some learners on the tour, I pedaled out to enjoy the morning glare on the glass.

After a hearty lunch we embarked on an orientation tour on the stunning Cape Peninsula, Dylan believes this will help us get our land and we also have visits to Cape Point and Cape Towns nature reserves more famous tourist attractions including visits to rock beaches where penguins wildly playing happily.

The morning of the 3rd day is important to me personally because I can’t wait to leave at our first call port which is a 65-meter bungee at Gouritz. This is optional on the tour but it is highly recommended to make you excited and ready for the adventure ahead and I am a game for that. If you plan to do the highest in the world later on the trip, I suggest you do this first to feel it! I did not choose a higher one …

Along the way we stopped at Mossel Bay for surfing sessions, there were 3 breaks to choose from, Indoor and Outdoor Swimming and Ding Dangs. Depending on your conditions and standards, the surfing guide will take you to the most vibrant, and they choose one for me.

The Inner Pool wave breaks very close to the famous outdoor pool from the rocky part, the wall at the best and usually surfs when the Outers are flat. Outdoor Swimming Gets big and challenging in the winter big waves but usually surfs when it is clean and organized in the bright west wind. The outside offers a right hand rest reef break with solid walls and long trips. Ding Dang is a pleasant wave of hotdogs that work when winter swells around St Blaise’s promontory.

After surfing, we set off again on the road, the most beautiful sight when entering the ‘Park Path’ took a breath and most of us all sighed in disbelief at the scenery and panorama that stretched before us. Depending on the time of year, apparently the guide was able to surprise the group and dive for some crayfish (Cape Rock lobster) along the way for dinner, this was not the case for my tour but I gathered it could be the norm.

It was the beginning to get the best swell the next day and we all chose to go to a place called Buffalo Bay Point – the waves that are very similar to Bruce Beauties will also be the highlight of the tour and will come so I take this as a trial event. The point is that it can be superlative in the right conditions by all accounts and before leaving the US, I have heard great reports about the conditions that can be found here, so hope to see the perfect 3ft day.

That night we checked into another local surf lodge, and went out to surf late in the evening! We left for the place I dreamed of since I first watched the film Endless Summer – Bruce’s Beauties – this film is more often split than expected and by knowledge means a long, soft paradise. When cooking, Bruce is the point of the right hand screaming that freight trains run along jagged rocks. “Get ready for the gaping barrels,” Dylan shouted as he disappeared into the water, making us all half turn, run and fall every other step! It’s like a clip from a movie here, I’m going to talk about Endless Summer surfing.

The next day I felt very difficult to get up to be honest, three great days of epic surfing and with a few more to come I could not overcome … my body felt the perfect flight and waves from the night before. . So instead of surfing, I just joined a tour to watch the rest of the group under go some lessons on the beach and sit back enjoying the wild environment that looked as if Portland and US Airport were just forgotten memories. I don’t believe that only 90+ hours ago I was crammed into a bus in Portland with a large longboard crashing into everyone who moved. Now I lie back on the sand listening to the sounds of seabirds and knowing that I am truly peaceful and have the best surfing trip of my life. Of course I have explored some amazing places but to explore the place I have seen more than a thousand videos of my son’s time and then truly enjoying them going better than in the film even surpasses my wildest thoughts surfing in South Africa.

After several days of touring and surfing such as Boneyards, Supertubes, Salad bowls, J-Bay, Tubes, Point and Albatross it’s time to start back towards the Cape. Everyone on the tour has become tired and tired but we are now a surfing family who travel too tired to talk but desperate for one last surfing before the Cape and we were not disappointed because slowly we drove towards Buffalo Bay again and it was just as we left it, perfect …

When we drove to Cape Town the next day Dylan turned to us all and said, “What about Sky diving, or Paragliding? – We can even arrange shark dives if you want!” – in a great choir we all say “shut up … we are exhausted!” One thing you can say about South Africans is that they are very friendly and the stoke of surfing goes far away.

The beauty of the tour that I thought was concluded by the people in it, from 6 surfers who learned to surf for the first time and got lessons every day for all of us who ranged from beginners to advanced. We all surf well and all experience first hand conditions. We all have our own experience and that is something we will all take and the memory of our waves – an amazing surfing trip.

San Diego Travel Guide

San Diego.
San Diego every traveler’s fantasy! San Diego will fill you with endless adventure; it is splendid vicinity to visit through out the year having just the perfect weather. This place is bestowed with divine breathtaking beauty to allure you. Hmmm! What bliss? Who would like to leave this piece of paradise and go back home? You can feast your eyes on nature while sitting on sandy beaches and spectacular long coastline, here you can brush off your everyday worries and let yourself loose in the nature. San Diego is a complete holiday package for family as well as couple or a loner. The events and world-class places in San Diego will keep you busy for quite a few days. You’ll long cherish your this trip to San Diego and the reveries will keep you afresh long after your visit.

San Diego mainly is famed for its great weather and captivating beaches but besides the perfect weather the events and places of San Diego is also peerless. These activities attract 30 million tourists every year with its unique amusements. The invitation of multiple breath-stopping events is open to people belonging to all varied fields of life and having different tastes. A variety of diverse entertainment and events awaits you in San Diego.

1. Events.

A whirlpool of events will surround you and leave you gasping with all the excitement. Remember you should have handsome amount of holidays in hand for your trip to San Diego, there are a lot of venues and events worth catching up with and of course you don’t want to miss any. Lovely climate of this eye-catching piece of earth allows having activities round the year. A novel specialty of San Diego is kite decorating and flying competition held in March on Ocean beach supported by the perfect wind kite-flying needs. Balboa Park offers Native American dancing, music and art exhibition in American Indian Cultural Days in May whereas things get in full swing with Block party at Pacific Beach held on Garnet Ave the same month.

Famous two days Ocean beach fair and Chili Cook-off Street bash in June is another candy for the visitors, it is coupled with three-week Del Mar Fair, a mega county fair held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, with banner musical acts and hundreds of carnival rides. Moreover US Open Sandcastle Competition is held in Imperial Beach, south of Coronado in the mid-July. Hottest month of the year August is loaded with fun and fiesta, Hillcrest city Fest Street fair is held in one of San Diego’s chirpiest inner-city areas in August. The Gaslamp Quarter party scene follows in September during the San Diego Street Scene festival. Bright, colorful, decked boats floating in San Diego’s harbor will crackle firework in your soul with its fascinating vista. This Harbor parade of decorated, dazzling lit boats in December is the next big event else than Christmas with dozens of sparkling boats floating gracefully in San Diego’s harbor.

2. San Diego Attractions.

In addition to these stimulating occasions there are other awe-inspiring must see venues that’ll fill the thirst of your nature-loving eye and give solace to your soul with its miscellany. Room on the sun kissed beaches while leaving behind your footprints on the sandy banks of San Diego let the costal breeze brush through your hair though the mild dry desert air whisper lovely unwritten melodies to you. Feel one with water; let the blue green pure water wash your lethargy away.

Sea world.

Yap! It’s time to get wet. Get drenched in water with the “soak zone” at the stunning show at sea world. Sea world alone is enough exciting attractions for the San Diego visit. It’s worth coming to this place to be transfixed by these magnificent sea-animals entertainment. You got to come early not to miss anything, as there are long lines at this place. Plus there is show timing that of course you would hate to miss and it is only repeated twice daily. Shamu the sensational gray killer whale displays the masterpiece. The tricks played by Shamu are so graceful and absorbing that by the end of the show you’ll for sure fell in love with this magnificent creature of sea. Shamu-son of sea loves to splash water on audience as a souvenir to them from him on their visit to sea world. Seeing the popularity of Shamu, Shamu the killer whale has become an unofficial symbol of the city.

You can fulfill your dream of touching a dolphin. Who can resist loving such an adorable creature? Speculate a high-energy dolphin show with state of the art special effects. You can feed them or see others feeding them. Its main lead character the star dolly decorates the dolphin show. She stands like queen amongst other fellow dolphins. Furthermore penguins, the sea otters and seals also exhibit beguiling shows. You can have your marine life choreographed with all these special animals. A unique show of land’s pets going to water and showing tricks for water is also very thrilling. If you want to have tiny winy break from seeing shows the haunted house can give you a pause tied with thrill. Furthermore you can also watch penguins, seals, dolphins, sea otters and ferocious sharks swimming through the clear blue water. Food at Sea world works like a catalyst for your tour, any meal you get is superb in its quality.

Wild Arctic though a newer attraction at Sea World but equals in amusing visitors reviving the tradition of Sea world, it provides you a glance into life under the northern seas and ice flows. The main feature of this part is that it portrays the glacier image in full spirit; you can actually smell of ice and snow and icicle drip under the canopies, which is not less than a blessing in the scorching heat of summer. Another secret to Wild Arctic’s admiration is white beluga whale in the tank at underwater viewing area. Anyways I can safely says including all the wonders San Diego’s Sea world remains the kingdom of Shamu, this is a must visit place at least once in life. There are also “Cinderella carriages” available that’ll take you to a fairyland and seal your vision with charming sea view tour along the harbor. A water ski display will add in the variety of entertainment Sea world offers. The last but of course not the least the night firework show will leave breathless with its stupendous glory.

Contemporary art museum.

San Diego beaches are only about beautiful sunshine and surfing, definitely it has much more to offer. If you are not all time party-animal and would like to be mesmerized by the nature then array of these spectacular places will entangle your attention; with your visit to every new place your enthusiasm to see the next place will be enthralled. If you are interested in history or in a more intellectual contentment, the museum of Contemporary art is just the place for you. Surrounded by glamorous and picturesque suburb of La Jolla, Museum of contemporary art beholds brilliant collections of 1960s and 70s pop art and minimalist, plus you can also scrutinize the conceptual works and cross-border art from San Diego and Tijuana. Besides this conventional type of museum you can see a more untraditional San Diego’s Maritime museum consisting of three ships. This museum contains educational tools for both adults as well as kids. These glorious vessels present an elevating vision to its audience.

San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo’s world famous popularity is enough for its introduction. San Diego Zoo is standing proudly in the famous Balboa Park and is popular for a bouquet of activities. One of the main attractions of San Diego zoo is its collection of exotic animals fill you with pleasure. One day is not enough for Zoo; try to divide your tour to Zoo on two days to enjoy and see it fully. This zoo serves as real treat for kids. 10 bio-climatic zones from arctic tundra to rainforest make this Zoo more intriguing. San Diego Zoo is habitat of over 3000 animals ranging from small to endangered species of different animals. The zoo starts with plants and leads to different zones of zoo including the best part consisting on Pandas exhibition and then the huge diversity of exotic rare birds that are hard to find easily. It’s really great fun to see hippos swimming underwater through the glass-paned viewing area. You can also feed and touch plus enjoy watching the grandeur of jungle-tigers, gorillas and many more rare endangered species.

With Wild Park take a journey in to virtual world due to its geographical environment that is replicated in flora and fauna. Experience the cool sky train safari, which will provide you an overall fascinating view of Balboa Park. Gondola cars are worth taking once to feel the comfort of viewing the whole area while you mutely float along.
Mission Bay Park.

This park has San Diego’s biggest play ground. 27 miles of shoreline, 19 miles of sandy beaches, free parking, great playgrounds, picnic sites, barbecues, and basketball and volleyball courts what else you need? This place is a homeland of multiple activities like swimming, skating, bicycling, kayaking, jet skiing and waterskiing that gives fun to kids and adults. You can also take some sailing lessons, rent a boat, or play golf or tennis.

Or you can simply bask in the sun lying on the beach seeing the kids giggling on the sandy beach. Mission bay park up-to date you with helpful maps, it also have gift-shops where you can buy souvenir for your friends on your way back home.

Other places.

Besides these important places mentioned above there are still other awe-inspiring places to see. Fascinating scenic beauty will transport you in to a utopia. You should visit old Down Town San Diego to have peek in rich cultural background of this of the finest city of America. And also don’t miss these hit list places La Jolla, Cabrillo National Monument, Gaslamp Quarter, Hotel Del Coronado and Mission San Diego de Alcalá.

3. Kids event venues.

Whenever you plan vacations, the first thing that comes to your mind is what is there to interest kids where you are heading? Even most of the times we go on a holiday just for the kids so that they can enjoy, yes San Diego have a lot of potential to entertain kids of all ages along with adults at the same time.