How your business can improve user experience, especially online!

Beyond merely making online services a business concern available to customers, the experience of customers on the website has become a significant determinant of figures and overall turnover. With the recent upsurge in the number of fashion brand patrons that utilize online tools to meet their shopping needs, data analysts have been able to narrow down the factors affecting traffic metrics variation for online retailers. The online retail platforms that provide the best customer experience get recurring subscriptions and patronage.

This article assesses some tips which online retail stores might want to incorporate for excellent customer experience.

Understand the individual peculiarities of your customers

There is a wealth of data that internet users supply actively or subconsciously on the sites they visit; compounding these data can help the manufacturer or online retailer (if they are different) understand the most alluring things to the customer. Working on practical feedback tools that make the customer’s shopping experience seem like an interactive session will undoubtedly get them endeared.

Make the website user friendly

The products or services up for offer on some retail sites are premium; however, the bane of some of these ventures are faults like poor product categorization. Websites that are difficult to navigate makes the customer through a lot of stress to locate their product of choice or that lacks mobile compatibility, are sure to be sidelined by online shoppers. The average retail site user wants to visit the retailer’s page, search for the required product, compare similar items, place an order. There have been cases of online shoppers making more purchases just because the website is user friendly.

Make checkout secure and straightforward.

At the advent of online shopping, many were initially skeptical about using these services for fear of losing their money to internet fraudsters. However, there have been significant improvements in Fintech through the introduction of SSL certificates for the authentication of channels through which users’ financial data are secure. Making a shopping checkout page seem like filling a biodata form will have adverse effects, as this likely to make the shopper abandon the intended purchase altogether.

Make the bridge between order and delivery an easy one to cross. Irrespective of the timeframe between order and delivery, it is crucial for the online fashion retailer to keep in touch with the customer while delivery is in the pipeline, providing (if possible) real-time information on the status. Beside proactively providing necessary information on customers’ orders, it would be helpful to have active customer support channels available – with useful links attached to delivery status messages. The customer’s experience should not end with the delivery of the product, using means that are not cumbersome to the customer, get feedback on their online shopping experience, and how you could serve them better.

All the mentioned tips will foster customer loyalty. A friend, for example, inquires for any online fashion platform that I have used in the past; after pondering, I told the person about Ssense. There is every tendency that the inquirer will use that retailer. Recommendations by family and friends are likely to encourage patronage, more than even paid advertisements.